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Perfect solution

myPRO is a powerful software package featuring complete options for professional visualization, processing and analysis of real-time industrial processes. myPRO is an advanced stand-alone HMI/SCADA solution that relies on the client/server architecture. myPRO has been designed with respect to the maximum user comfort. It is simple to install, simple to use and simple to maintain.

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Maximum Performance

mySCADA core is written in cross platform C++ and is highly optimised for maximum performance.

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mySCADA delivers same user experience on any major operating system. Use mySCADA on Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

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Fair Pricing

Simple pricing policy based solely on project size. No additional fees, all functionality is provided out of the box.


When you purchase a myPRO, you must license it to use it. To obtain a license, please log in into our web shop, and select Licensing. You need to know the HW ID, which you can find in the system tray after the myPRO installation. When you enter the HW-ID, your license key will be automatically generated and shown on the web page.

All mySCADA customers will be able to transfer the license 1 time. This is a good feature for when you need to switch computers or something within your hardware combination fails and needs to be replaced.

If you need to transfer the license more than 1 time, please submit a helpdesk ticket from the Customer Portal.
Licence Transfer: you are allowed to transfer the license to different computer, to do so, select Licensing in the web shop menu. Only one transfer is allowed.